Aplus – Hire and Retain Only People Better than Yourself

Originally Posted on September 20, 2020
Last Update on September 23, 2020
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Business idea “Aplus”: Hire and Retain Only People Better than Yourself.


Many managers hire mediocre talent to keep their positions safe. B players hire C players, C players hire D players, and so on. Steve Jobs called it a “bozo explosion,” and this is the worst thing that could happen for companies. What’s the solution? Aplus.


It’s an HR directory that shows what each employee is better at than anyone, such as product engineering, customer research, etc. Hiring managers can write the strengths down during interviews, and if candidates get hired the information becomes available on Aplus.


Unlike other hiring tools, Aplus makes it clear what the candidate is hired for. It also forces companies to hire and keep people with higher skill-levels. “Don’t hire people you like or understand, or we end up hiring only people just like you.” – Soichiro Honda

Business Model

It makes revenue through a monthly subscription primarily targeting SMEs (ARR target $1000/company). For higher-end clients, Aplus offers assessments for employee reviews at probation periods / performance reviews to make them transparent and objective.


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