AutoMA – Automate M&A Process

Originally Posted on September 28, 2020
Last Update on October 16, 2020
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Business Idea “AutoMA” – Automate M&A Process.


M&A (Merger and Acquisition) is a long process in most cases: finding partners, preparing documents, negotiating terms, post-integration, etc. but business owners have to take care of their business while doing so.

The financial operation for M&A is too much of a task. 


AutoMA automates most of M&A FinOps. It connects with company bank accounts and other payment services, then privately shares the data (growth, balance sheet, etc.) with prospect buyers.

If the prospects want to talk to you, you get notified and can share more details upon NDA. 


It’s conceptually similar to companies like Chargebee [1] – they make financial operations a breeze.

These companies offer automation tools through cloud-based APIs, and AutoMA takes a similar approach. 

Business Model

AutoMA makes money through a subscription model (Target ARR over $2,000), targeting fast-growing companies looking for exits or SME having difficulty finding successors.

Or it could make additional commissions on successful M&A or offer consulting services.


The global M&A market size is at 4.1 trillion dollars – capital & resources involved in the whole process are massive, but there are still inefficiencies.

By automating the operations involved with M&A, AutoMA could attract many clients across the globe.




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