Fair – Equal Pay for Equal Work

Originally Posted on September 25, 2020
Last Update on September 24, 2020
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Studies show that men earn more than women because they negotiate more often, but when women do so, they often get punished for it. [1][2]

The unfairness often leads to higher employee turnover, and companies are looking for the solution and actively working on the issue. [3] 


Fair connects with payroll systems and analyzes how fair the company’s compensations are.

Fair also shares aggregated comp data so employees are informed and feel fair, then generates a no-negotiation compensation policy to fill the pay-gap.


A survey on the tech industry shows nearly 40% of employees leave their jobs because of company mistreatments, and this turnover costs $16 billion every year. [4]

This is a massive loss but could be a huge opportunity to build a business on it. 

Business Model

Fair offers services through a monthly subscription, targeting 10K ARR per client. Growth is primarily driven by inbound marketing + sales.






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