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Originally Posted on September 17, 2020
Last Update on September 17, 2020
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Business idea: GoodAds – Do Good with Ads.

Facebook is getting public criticisms through the #stophateforprofit movement [1], and many people – including celebrities – are boycotting Instagram.

This is rightly so, but monitoring, identifying, and stopping all hates on the billion-user platform is nearly impossible.

Instead, the company should take actions that are feasible AND impactful. And this is not only about Facebook but about all other media companies.

GoodAds fixes the issue with its unique ad network of nonprofits and auditory service.

Companies like Google/Facebook and other media platforms can work with GoodAds to run nonprofit ads for a certain portion of ad placement (e.g. 5% of total).

It manages the nonprofit ad-network and assigns audits to analyze and report the ad results publicly.

There are already grant programs like Google Ad Grants, but the process and results aren’t transparent. [2] [3] As an independent nonprofit org, GoodAds can uniquely be positioned and differentiate from other programs.

In the age of fake news and hate speech, companies need to step up and do more than what people are demanding.

AdTech shouldn’t be optimized just for profit-making – it can be used for spreading the positive. GoodAds is a hope in the tech industry.





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