LastTime – Light-weight Relationship Management App

Originally Posted on September 7, 2020
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Backlog: The best way to manage your projects. Wiki, tasks, files all in one place. This is like taking good parts of JIRA and Trello, combined into one tool. You can start for free.

Square: You might have already used Square before – but the company offers a wide range of payment solutions to get your business off the ground, from card payment to invoice to ecommerce.

Business idea: LastTime – Light-weight Relationship Management App.

Maintaining relationships – personally or professionally – is challenging and time-consuming. Your emails, chats, interactions are scattered everywhere.

Managing it on Excel is a pain in the butt, but it’s too much to use proper CRM tools. What’s the solution? LastTime.

LastTime is a light-weight relationship management app. You don’t have to do anything.

Just sync your address book and social media with the app, and it shows you the list of people you’d want to meet and the last interaction date with them.

Additionally, you can run contextual keyword searches like “sales and marketing” or “python learning”, then it suggests you who to talk to on your network and social media accounts like Linkedin and Twitter.

It offers premium features such as Reminder for you to reach out to whom you haven’t spoken with for a long time, Note to record offline interactions and updates, and Export/Sync to connect with other CRM tools.


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