Tools to Pay Only When You Earn

Last Update on September 17, 2020
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Backlog: The best way to manage your projects. Wiki, tasks, files all in one place. This is like taking good parts of JIRA and Trello, combined into one tool. You can start for free.

Square: You might have already used Square before – but the company offers a wide range of payment solutions to get your business off the ground, from card payment to invoice to ecommerce.

Here are tools to pay only when you earn. Their pricing is beautiful, because they charge you only when you make money. Great for entrepreneurs just starting out without an investment. 

Square: They offer various paid tools to grow a business, but its flagship product – the magstripe reader – comes for free, and you can run your shop fast and simple. You need to pay only when you make a sale as a processing fee. 

Anchor: Host as many podcasts you like on Anchor, for free. Distribution to Spotify, Apple podcast, etc. is one-click away. AND you own your content (they don’t insert random ads to your show). They charge only when you make money through their sponsor programs. 

Gumroad: Are you a creator of films, books, music, or courses? Gumroad should be your go-to tool to sell your creations. No need to worry about the monthly fee, because there’s none (they offer a premium tier for serious businesses).    

Substack: Newsletter is gaining popularity among writers and journos thanks to its simplicity. However, the tools to manage subscribers have been expensive. Not anymore with Substack. Pay only when you make money through memberships, which is totally optional. 

Buy Me a Coffee (BMC): If you’re a performer, influencer, blogger, Youtuber, or anyone with a creative mind, BMC helps you build a supporter base. It’s dead-simple to start running, and you get charged only when you get support. BMC made it possible for anyone online to make money. 

Hubspot: Technically, they don’t fit into the “pay only when you earn” model (Hubspot offers a subscription), but their free marketing, CS, and sales tools are too good to miss the list. 


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