24 – Perfect Email Delivery Timing

Originally Posted on August 19, 2020
Last Update on September 2, 2020
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Square: You might have already used Square before – but the company offers a wide range of payment solutions to get your business off the ground, from card payment to invoice to ecommerce.

Business idea: 24 – Perfect Email Delivery Timing.

As companies become remote and global, so do their customers. Whenever sales sends emails, customer support answers questions, marketing promotes campaigns – timing is critical. However, sending a message at the perfect time is challenging. Manually doing so is impossible.

Now meet 24. It automatically adjusts email delivery time to maximize the open rate. Think of it as a social media scheduling tool like Buffer, but for emails. Unlike other email schedulers, it doesn’t require any input of time. All you have to do is install 24.

There are already similar tools like Boomerang for scheduling, Mailtrack for tracking email opens, and FollowUp for reminders. [1] [2] [3] But 24 is unique in a way that it aggregates data and estimates recipient location and email usage, to perfect the send timing.

24 could monetize through the freemium model by offering a Gmail plugin for free up to 10 emails/month, and then charging for more usage. It could also make sales targeting bigger companies for SSO integrations and privacy features.





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